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Nu-Gen Frames & Trusses is a company focussed on providing quality timber wall frames, trusses and floor systems to NSW residential building contractors and owner builders. As a leading supplier of prefabricated systems nu-gen benefits from 20yrs of both manufacture and on-site installation.  As a result, we have a unique understanding of the needs of our clients thus providing a comprehensive service from inception to delivery.  We are a backed and licensed by Multinail, the only Australian owned supplier to the industry to date.  This benefits us with both state of the art software and machinery built in house here in Australia.  Here at Nu-Gen with our highly experienced designers/estimators we can accommodate any design and deliver quality systems on time meeting the needs of all clients big or small.

Our ethos at Nu-Gen is to provide a comprehensive service incorporating a quality product in an efficient manner.  We believe what sets us apart is vast experience in both prefabrication and onsite construction.  This is our edge, our ability to understand the client’s needs better than most.  At Nu-Gen we place great importance on communication and reliability as well as building quality systems for the market at competitive rates.

The staff here at Nu-Gen are highly skilled enabling us to take projects from concept to delivery in a very short space of time. We understand that all clients are unique and as a result we provide a custom service for each one. We believe that with our state of the art facility, highly skilled staff and unique background we can provide a comprehensive service that represents exceptional value.


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